Joining the Academy

Submission Deadline
The Deadline for Submission of Affiliation or Active Membership Documents is the 15th of February, 2025.
Becoming an Active Member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry is a two-step process which requires serious commitment to dentistry as well as the group. Please study these pages for more on each step on the way:

Admissions Procedure.

The Admissions Procedure is outlined in Appendix 1 of the EAED Bylaws, wherein also the qualifications, rights and obligations of each member group are defined. Members may be classified as Active, Life, and Honorary. The status of those people who are in the process of applying for membership is defined as EAED Affiliate.



Affiliate Cost: €650

  • Spring Meeting: Registration at preferential Price: €200
  • Welcome Party covered
  • Gala not covered
  • IJED: 30% discount

Active Member

Active Member Cost: €850

  • Spring Meeting: Registration covered
  • Welcome Party covered
  • Gala, at descretion of President
  • IJED: subscription free
  • Closed Members Meeting:
    • Registration covered
    • Dinner covered

Life Member

Life Member Cost: €425

  • Same Benefits as Active Members

Life Member R

Life Member R Cost: Free

  • Retired Active or Life Members who enjoy Free Membership without Benefits

Membership in the Academy is a distinctive honour that is bestowed on a person who has notably contributed to the improvement of human esthetics through education, research, literature or clinical practice. Membership is by invitation only.

Speaker Route.

Speakers who have been invited at least twice to an EAED Spring or Autumn meeting can apply through their sponsors to become an Active Member. They will not be screened by the Membership Committee, but they will have to attend two additional meetings (either before or after the meeting in which he/she has given the lecture) in order to apply for Active Membership. As defined in Appendix 2 of the EAED Bylaws

Honorary Member.

Any person who has contributed significantly to the achievement of the goals of this Academy may be elected an Honorary Member. Honorary Members have their (& their accompanying persons') Meeting Registration & Social Fee covered by the EAED. Subsidies on travel and lodging are, however, not granted.