EAED Treatment Planning Discussion Webinars

The format of these webinars will be very similar to our traditional Peter Schärer Treatment Planning Session held during our EAED Spring Meetings.

Among our Active Members, we selected presenters of recognized skills and a solid background and experience in discussing and defending treatment planning decisions.

The aim of this webinar is to provide a richer and more stimulating learning experience for Members and Affiliates of the EAED, where they can participate in the discussion and real-world clinical situations are assessed and evaluated in real time.

The idea behind this initiative is to bring Members and Affiliates together and demonstrate the friendly atmosphere of the Academy while learning all together and encouraging to share and debate.

The presentation is organized as follows:

10 minutes – Case presentation (until Diagnosis)

20 minutes – Discussion with audience on Treatment Planning

20 minutes – Prognosis and Treatment presentation

30 minutes – Discussion with audience

The moderators we have selected are very expert in managing the discussion and raising up points that will facilitate the interaction with the audience. They are also masters in extracting information that are of utmost value to improve colleagues’s understanding of the “take home messages”.

EAED Treatment Planning Webinars 

If you have attended the Treatment Planning Webinar held by Dr. Ueli Grunder and Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli for sure you remember the amount of informations and great discussion that have arisen from those initiatives.

In 2022 we are organizing 2 more sessions!

Please save the following dates!!!

EAED Treatment Planning Discussion Webinar #1 – April 13th 2022 @ 21:00-22:30 CET
Speaker: Dr. Didier DIETSCHI (Active Member)
Moderators: Prof. Irena Sailer, Dr. Federico Ferraris, Dr. Kony Meyenberg

EAED Treatment Planning Discussion Webinar #2 – November 23rd, 2022 @ 21:00-22:30 CET
Speaker: Dr. Stefano GRACIS (Life Member)
Moderators: To be confirmed

Previous Session(s):

November 3rd, 2021 @ 21:00-22:30 CET

Speaker: Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli (Active Member)

Moderator: Prof. Nitzan Bichacho (Life Member) & Vincent Fehmer, MDT (Active Member)

April 14th, 2021 @ 21:00-22:30 CET

Speaker: Dr. Ueli Grunder (Life Member)

Moderators: Dr. Tidu Mankoo (Life Member) & Dr. Didier Dietschi (Active Member)