In Memoriam

In Remembrance of the Greatest

The following Members played a pivotal role not only in the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry but in the Profession as a whole. Their expertise, wisdom and friendship are missed. This page is in Honour of their Names and their Legacy.

We mourn the recent loss of Bernard Weisman.
Obituary by David Klaff & David Winkler

EAED Life Member

Dr. med. dent. John McLean


An irreplaceable pioneer of Dentistry.

EAED Life Member

Prof. Em. Dr. med. dent., M.S. Peter Schärer


A great expert and teacher. A legend.

EAED Active Member

Dr. med. dent. Lambert Fick

A truly passionate dentist who is missed.

EAED Life Member

Dr. Edward Levinson

In great Remembrance of Edward Levinson.

EAED Life Member

Dr. Yves Fissore

In great Remembrance of Yves Fissore.