Board & Committees

Executive Committee

Prof. Sailer Irena

President 2023-2025, Switzerland

Dr. Bonnet Franck

Imm Past President, France

Dr. Dietschi Didier

President Elect, Switzerland

Dr. Zyman Pascal

Secretary General & Treasurer, France

Financial Advisors

Dr. Grunder Ueli

Life Member, Switzerland

Dr. Bracchetti Guido

Life Member, Italy

Membership Comittee

Prof. Bichacho Nitzan

Life Member, Israel

Prof. Strub Joerg

Life Member, Germany

Dr. Mankoo Tidu

Life Member, United Kingdom

EAED Affiliate Committee

Dr. Winkler David

Life Member, Denmark

Dr. Ammannato Riccardo

Active Member, Italy

Dr. Feraru Mirela

EAED Affiliate, Israel

Dr. Manolakis Alexandros

EAED Affiliate, Greece

Dr. Bonnet Marie

EAED Affiliate, France

Dr. Reuss José Manuel

EAED Affiliate, Spain

EAED Media Committee

Dr. Ricci Andrea

Active Member, Italy

Mr. Vincent Fehmer

Active Member, Switzerland

Dr. Stavros Pelekanos

Active Member, Greece

Dr. Arndt Happe

Active Member, Germany

Dr. Alfonso Gil

EAED Affiliate, Spain

EAED Candidate Committee

Dr. Mankoo Tidu

Life Member, UK

Prof. Att Wael

Active Member, USA

Dr. Imelio Monica

Active Member, Italy

Dr. Feran Koray

Active Member, UK

Hall of Fame.

Meet the people who have made the Academy what it is today.

Hall of Fame