EAED Member Procedure.

1 – Your Commitment

After attending two Spring meetings as an EAED Affiliate, your three sponsors can submit a request on your behalf for a screening with the Membership Committee.
(next Meeting)

2 – Active Candidate Application

You must have paid your dues regularly and obtain the unanimous confirmation from your sponsors regarding your professional requirements.

Sponsor Letter

3 – Case Presentation

After your sponsors have presented your application for ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP, if approved, you will be invited to present in front of the Membership Committee at the following Spring meeting. Such presentation should follow the guidelines available from the Secretariat.

4 – Membership Vote

If approved by the Membership Committee, you will be invited at a subsequent Autumn meeting (odd years) or the following Spring Meeting (even years) to deliver a short professionally oriented presentation on a topic related to esthetic dentistry that reflects your clinical/scientific work (you will be guided by your sponsors and by the EAED membership committee as to presentation style and duration).

EAED Active Membership

To be accepted, you must receive a three-quarters (3/4) affirmative vote, by secret ballot, of the active and life members present and voting at the Annual General Assembly. The Active and Life Members present at the General Assembly will vote on your presentation.


A written decision will be forwarded to you after the meeting’s conclusion. If not accepted, you will have one other opportunity to present in a future autumn meeting.