EAED Affiliate Procedure.

1 – Your Commitment

Attend a minimum of two Spring Meetings as a guest within a four-year period. If you attend a Spring Meeting as a guest, you can make a formal request to attend the Academy Meeting the following year or you can wait until the subsequent Open Meeting. During these events, meet the Academy members and aim to let yourself be known both professionally and socially.
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2 – Affiliate Application

After having attended the second Spring Meeting as a guest, complete an application form (below) and forward the accompanying documentation to the Secretariat.

EAED Affiliate Application FormPDF for Signatures

3 – Affiliate Presentation

Prior to the subsequent Spring Meeting, your curriculum vitae will be posted on the EAED website for all the Active and Life Members to review. During the General Assembly, Active and Life Members will vote on your nomination as an EAED AFFILIATE.

4 – Affiliate Vote

You must receive a three-quarters (3/4) affirmative vote, by secret ballot, of the Active and Life Members present and voting. A written decision will be forwarded to you after the meeting’s conclusion. If accepted, you will pay an initiation fee and attain the status of EAED AFFILIATE starting in January of the following year.