Willi Geller Honorary Lecture

Willi Geller, MDT

Mr. Geller is a master ceramist and dental technician from Zurich,
 Switzerland. Through the visionary power of his dental restorations, he 
has significantly influenced aesthetic awareness in dentistry for many
generations of dental technicians and dentists. He has created rules and
guidelines in dental aesthetics for technicians as well as dentists that 
are still considered revolutionary today. He has innovated and influenced
 the development of numerous techniques and materials, including the 
platinum foil technique, Geller cutback technique, ceramic shoulder,
 Geller-wing technique, lateral segmental layering technique,
 preparationless veneer, and ovate pontic site development. The Geller
 model, Creation ceramics, and Creapearl denture teeth are only a few of
 his evolutionary accomplishments that have revolutionized how our
profession practices dentistry today. He has not only been a pioneer in 
esthetic and perioprosthetic dentistry; he has also been the voice for 
dental technology and the dental technician. He defined the importance of
 cooperation between the clinician and technician while improving 
patients’ oral health and self-image in a time when it was not in vogue.
 But even more important was his establishment of the Oral Design
movement, which created giant ripples on the shores of every continent.
 He has dedicated his life to young professionals around the world,
encouraging and pushing them to be the best that they can be and to share
their knowledge and information with everyone around the world. He has
been a true teacher in dentistry and in life, stimulating the dental 
technician and clinician to not only think for themselves but to observe
their surroundings and to become humble to the universe and its
greatness. He has taught us a new way of treating patients as human
beings. He is recognized in the dental field as “Maestro”, the true 
teacher, and his ideas and concepts are followed and disseminated by
 outstanding international technicians and clinicians. This is the Maestro
 Willi Geller that our profession is honored to know.

– Douglas A. Terry, DDS, Texas, USA

Family, Friends &
The European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

Case Presenters

2018: Dr. Douglas Terry and Willi Geller
2019: Giuseppe Romeo, MDT
2022: Nicola Pietrobon, CDT
2023: Sam Alawie, MDT